Philly Cheese Steaks

  •  Ribeye steak (as many as you need)
  •  White onion
  •  Provolone cheese slices
  •  Jar of Kraft Cheese Whiz
  •  Roll/Bun of your choice
  •  Salt


It's a cheese steak showdown...provolone vs cheese whiz! Yes, you read that right...cheese whiz. We had our reservations about making these, but we were surprised by how delicious they both turned out. Give it a shot!

Cooking Directions:
1. Cut steak(s) into thin slices and chop as finely as you’d like.

2. Slice/Dice onions to your desired consistency.

3. Set burners/griddle to medium heat and add a drizzle of avocado oil to your cook areas.

4. Add onions to the griddle and allow cook until they start to brown.

5. Meat is thinly sliced and will cook fast so don’t add meat until the onions are almost done.

6. When onions begin to brown, put the meat on the griddle and keep it moving so it cooks evenly.

7. Once meat begins to brown, sprinkle on salt and then combine the onions and meat and mix thoroughly.

8. Scoop a generous amount of Cheese Whiz into a metal bowl or saucepan and place directly on the griddle until it becomes creamy enough to pour over the sandwich.

9. Slice and oil the roll and place face down on the griddle to toast them slightly

10. Remove toasted buns and place the provolone cheese on the griddle. Layer enough slices of cheese to fit the length of the sandwich.

11. The cheese will melt quickly so add a scoop of the meat and onion mixture on top of the cheese and lift the whole combo with a spatula and place onto the bread, completing the provolone version.

12. To complete the Cheese Whiz version, scoop your desired amount of the meat and onion mixture onto the bread, and pour the heated Cheese Whiz over the top, allowing the cheese to fill in all the spaces between the meat/onions.

13. Compare the two and enjoy!